August 12athon Run

I used the Umstead Coalition’s map of measured trails to devise this route through Umstead for the August 12athon run. At 12.38 miles, it’s a good course with lots of single-track terrain for anyone who runs in Umstead regularly.

I started on Loblolly and finished on Company Mill. But, there’s no reason to avoid running it the other way, too.

Umstead Route 12.38 Miles


Skora’s new line for FW 2012. Hmm…


July 12athon Run Report

It was dark and serenely cool when I ventured over to the Greenway for today’s 12athon 12-mile run. I had to use the headlamp (on my fist) for the first mile or so. 

Here’s a crappy photo of the sunrise over the Long Branch Nightclub parking lot. The colors were better in person.
a sunrise over Raleigh's seedier area

And, here’s the course. It’s a repeat of May’s 12athon run. I’d hoped to best my previous time on this route today. But, I failed by almost a full minute. 
July  12athon Route


June 12athon Run Report

This month’s 12athon run was another experience worth tumblring! Bonus Challenges Attempted:

  • Rush Hour: Your 12-miler is your commute. When the workday is through, run from work to home OR run to and from work (minimum 12 miles total). 4 POINTS
  • Three Square Runs a Day: 4 miles before 8 a.m.; 4 miles between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.; 4 miles after 4 p.m. 9 POINTS

If it please the 12athon court, I must admit that I took liberties with Rush Hour’s implied requirement that the 12 mile commute consist entirely of miles run between home and work. Instead, I decided the lack of a car also meant running to lunch and back would be necessary. So, that would be the perfect way to combine the two challenges mentioned above. That’s what I think, anyway.

(If I’m too presumptuous in my rationale, I’ll just take the Three Square Runs challenge, for obvious reasons)

Here is some uninteresting graphical evidence of my participation in these challenges:

The commute to the office

Even when I increase my commute by 20 minutes, I’m the first one there. Ha!

The lunchtime run over to the greenway and back to the office

A veggie samosa and steamed kale for lunch. No, it wasn’t enough. (Breakfast was toast with almond butter, which I ate too quickly to photograph)

The commute home was surprisingly faster than the commute to the office in spite of sauna-like conditions. (Dinner was a bunch of different stuff around the house. Technically, I suppose you could say I’m still eating dinner. I graze.)

It was a lot of fun to run to work. I wouldn’t do it often, because, yes, I was really stinky by the time I put those running clothes on for the commute home. And, changing three times in one day is silly.

Also, in spite of the fact that I’ve run doubles on more than one occasion, running three times in one day felt like overkill. I almost felt like I was showing off, or something. “Ahhh, look at me, running again today! Ahhh!”

Of course, overall, it was fun to change up the running routine. And, it was neat to make running such a significant part of the whole day.


Virtual 12athon: Life, the Universe, and Everything 4.20 Bonus Run


April 12athon Run Report

After missing the March 12athon run due to injury, I was anxious to get out for our virtual group run today. And, what a great day for a 12-mile run in North Carolina!

the April 12athon course
Today’s 12-mile route.

This course was a nice out-and-back one from my new office to a little over a mile of busy road before finding a fraction of a trail that carried me to the Greenway. It’s a good metaphor for a micro vacation, actually: Starting out at work amid the bustling traffic and technological noise, turning into the woods for a total connection with nature, and spending the majority of the run along paved bike paths through the backyards of the sprawling city. That climb at the end is a metaphor for the return, too, I’d say.

I’ve been terrible about getting out of bed in time for morning runs lately. So, I made plans to run this one during work. And, as usual, I’ve left the clever and wacky challenge attempts to fellow 12athoners who are cleverer and wackier than me. Thus, my challenge accomplishments this time just sort of happened with minimal effort (one of them may not even count).

  • Naturalist: Ran in Merrell Road Gloves.
  • Stung by Bees: Took liberties with the phrase “lunch hour”.

Merrell Road Gloves and Injinji Socks
Merrell Road Gloves for today’s 12athon run.

changed in the office
Discretely changed clothes in the office before sneaking away.

Done in 1:33:58
Finished in 1:33:58 (for Chocolate Bunny Award consideration)

I tried hard for negative splits. But, that climb and the winds fought me on the way back.


Inov-8 Bare-Grip 200: Justified by a muddy trail run


If You Can’t Run, Walk | Barefoot in Art Museum Land

With the Spring weather slightly better than perfect today, I just had to get out for some activity during lunch. But, with an angst-ridden ankle tendon and no running clothes at hand, I was resigned to walk in lieu of running. And, why not stroll sans shoes on such a fine day?

Two-point-three miles of greenway and trails at the nearby art museum beckoned.

You know you’re in Art Museum Land when the greenway has floral patterns painted with stencils.

While most of the paths through Art Museum Land are paved, there are unpaved opportunities as well. I used this section of the trail to divert my discomfort sensors’ attention away from The Tendon to the soles of my feet.

Yeah, that was a long diversion. People walking by the moron tip-toeing precariously over these rocks without shoes undoubtedly wondered what was wrong with me. Little did they know, I was strengthening my running muscles. Ha!

(And, getting a blister on my heel. But, that was probably due to the pavement)

Landscaping in Art Museum Land is top-notch.

The art is awesome, too. Those clay circles were created from the very ground upon which they’re standing. They’ve been there for years.

This is the best time of year.


3.14 Pi Day run 


Inov-8 f-lite 195 after the Umstead 2012 Marathon